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*Dear all, please note that due to a change in management that has been in place for a while now, KSO updated phone number is 07956882066, and updated email contact is roda@kulankso.org We apologise for anyone who has tried to reach out to our team via our former contact details. Our former contact number and main email address was not working for a while, and while our former number is working now, it is the contact number of our former chair who is on hand to take calls on behalf of our team and redirect callers to our teams main contact number and email.

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The message that drives our work!

Kulan Somali Organisation (KSO) is a registered UK charity with the aim to improve the lives of the Somali community in the UK. KSO is rooted in the Somali traditional saying of 'Gacmo wadajir bay wax ku qabtaan' which is translated as ' United effort leads to success'. This motivating message underlines the spirit in which the KSO team delivers its work. In short, we care to make a positive difference in the community we work with and we understand the importance of the community working together in a united effort to create lasting improvements and changes.

Our Team

The KSO team is based in Westminster and is made of our three trustees and

addition volunteers. We are a small team but our commitment goes a long way in ensuring

that we meet as much of the community needs as we can.

As a small charity KSO appreciates the positive role volunteers have played in ensuring that

we continue to support the Somali community. We had outreach volunteers who delivered

support by providing community information and linking to specialist services on issues such

as benefits, homelessness and employment. In 2015 our volunteers supported the

KSO chair in the delivery of our first funded project as a new team: the Somali Youth

Employment Support Project (SYESP) funded by the London Community Foundation.

Aims & Objectives

Aim: To improve the lives of the most vulnerable groups within the Somali community in the


Mission: Our mission is to empower the most vulnerable groups within the Somali

Community in the UK by delivering support services aimed at improving their health and

well-being and developing their knowledge and skills.


A community where the most vulnerable groups are supported and empowered

Our charitable objects are:

• To provide benefit to the most vulnerable groups within Somali community in the UK

by delivering a range of services aimed at improving their health and well being

including culturally specific and individually tailored mentoring/befriending projects

and art projects.

• To conduct and publish research into the needs of beneficiaries to inform our work

and increase public awareness of the challenges and support needs of beneficiaries.

• To benefit beneficiaries by providing community information and advice and acting

as a referral agency to specialist providers and organisations.

• The relief of poverty and advancement of education by providing training to

beneficiaries to develop life skills, education and access to the labour market.


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